Isabella Grace is 6 years of age and suffers from a rare chromosome disorder, so rare in fact that it doesn't even have a name yet! Not much is known about her disorder at the moment, but as a result she was born with two holes in her heart.  She is also registered blind and suffers with severe epilepsy. 

Isabella can't eat like regular kids and is fed through a tube directly into her stomach. She has very little muscle strength so sitting up unaided has been an extreme struggle for her.  One of her major goals is to master standing, so that she can achieve her biggest goal, walking. Despite these list of ills Isabella remains a very bright and happy little girl.

The current aim of the fundraising is to raise £30,000 to fly Isabella to Florida in 2013 for life-changing, specialist physiotherapy, along with language and speech therapy.  On the 17th March the Fight-For crew promoted an event and raised £6,500.00 for this most worthy of causes.

Fight-For.Com is proud to continue to be involved in fundraising for Isabella, with a second special 'Fight For Isabella' event in July 2013 already in planning. For further information on Isabella and fundraising activities on her behalf, please see this incredibly special young girl's website

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